Masters Squad

This group is open to adult swimmers over the age of 18, with 18-25 year olds classed as Senior swimmers and 25+ as Masters. We offer either two options in the Senior/Masters section, the more competitive swimmers would be offered the same sessions as the squad. We also have one session a week, on Wednesday from 5.30pm -6.30pm, available for adult improvers, or recreational swimmers, looking for a slightly more structured workout than would be available at a public lane session.

An experienced coach and a structured session will be available at each practice, there are also opportunities to compete so please let the coach know if you are interested.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining.

Masters fees are set at £20 per month for one session a week in the adult improvers session, £34 per month for two sessions per week with the squad or £47 per month for three, or more, sessions a week with the squad.

The annual Club Membership and ASA renewal fee is set at £45 for Category 2 Members (those wishing to compete and water polo players) and £25 for non-competitive members.